Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyance means ‘clear-seeing’. This psychic ability is about seeing and sensing events which otherwise cannot be perceived through the normal physical senses. If you are blessed with this gift of psychic ability, you don’t need to depend on your physical eyes. You can simply use your third eye or mind’s eye to see things and events. When this psychic ability gets developed within, you definitely become able to see which your physical eyes cannot see. But, you cannot use this psychic ability like that. It needs practice and determination.
You can follow any of the several exercises to awaken the clairvoyant abilities in you. However, if you want to follow the right direction from the beginning itself, then take a look at the technique discussed below.
how to develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance
One of the most powerful techniques is the Rose Meditation. You need to practice this meditation at regular intervals in the beginning. After a certain point of time, you will be able to notice a difference in your clairvoyant skills. The steps for share here practicing this meditation are as follows:
1) Go to a quiet place or room with a candle or incense sticks. Light the candle or incense and take a comfortable sitting position with spine upright and eyes closed. Take long and deep breaths to allow tension and stress to disappear from your body and mind. If your attention wavers, try to concentrate on your haydayhackcheats breathing.
2) Deep breathing will ease your body and mind and help you explore your clairvoyant powers. Now, bring your focus on the third eye, which is believed to be located between the center of your two eyebrows. The third eye enables you to receive images and flashes associated with your clairvoyant abilities. Keep your eyes shut with whole focus on your third eye. Notice if you are getting any tingling sensation or read here a band like feeling surrounding your head area. This is an indication that your clairvoyant powers are becoming active.
3) Now imagine a completely closed rosebud in the middle of your eyebrows. Picture it in great details: shape, color and aroma. Imagine it opening and expanding in all its glory.
4) Visualize giving this beautiful rose to someone close to your heart. It can be your sister brother, friend, partner or parents. Try to see what happens when you give this rose to anybody close to your heart. Does the color of the rose change? Is it now bloomed or closed? Be attentive but without taking any tension. See the condition of the rose.
5) Now imagine you are giving this rose to anybody else from your acquaintance. Again, notice everything about the rose. If the rose shrinks, it may indicate that the person is either shy or introvert. Or, he or she is not generous. However, if it blooms, it suggests the exact opposite. A changing color of the rose, on the other hand, reveals the nature of the person. Keep noticing any change that takes place in your rose when you pass it.
6) Once the process of passing this rose is finished, focus on your breath. Breathe deeply. Gently move your body and open your eyes. This completes your rose meditation.